JPeggie Sue

by October 27, 2012 0 comments

I have been following
your posts
your pics
your tweets
and your blog
and I must say
you have
the prettiest
profile on Facebook
I even watched as
your status changed
from “in a relationship”
to single
and I hope it is ok
that I checked you
out on OkCupid
and I even caught you
on Plenty of Fish
and now here we are
you are
texting on
your iPhone
as I sit with my
iPad on my lap
each of us
with eTickets
for a flight
to New York
and Lord Almighty
we are seated
next to each other
on the plane
but then
you get your Kindle
out and never
give me a second look
so I have no choice
but to whip out
my Nook

editors note:

Ah, sweet cyber love; nearness, but no nooky. – mh

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