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Receive the ordinance.
Give back your property.
Tend to the flock.
Make the child a cerebral mess.
A rolling spore gathers no moss.
I believe all illness should be cured
With Amoxicillin.
Flash of lightning just like
A light bulb popping in a plastic bag.
Enjoy the wirtschaftswunder.
First round #1 draft pick:
Beautiful spoon red as sunset:
Drunk sex offender dishwasher:
Bring me The Tea Party.
Yes, Comandante Top Zero.
Sub-Prime Mortgage Prime Rib
Prime Minister,
Minestrone, Pasta Primavera.
Inculcate me that Chimera.
Citadel: civilian crystal
Plaza where they pump the student
Body full of steroids.
Is my salad ready?
Organic as milktoast
& blood pudding.
We have the plum mediocre
On a supplemental program;
We replace the heart with an orange:
Citric bypass.
It makes a good breakfast
For the masses pledging mop & sickle
To me: Herr Uber-Munch,
Mr. Normal Gospel Pornographer,
Fear Sommelier, Polaris General,
Emperor of the Common Good.
It’s all so revolting.
The waiter won’t be tipped.
You have my word.
George Washington.

editors note:

This he spoke rapidly, while drinking a glass of water… – mh

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