Bastard Slope of Paradise

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below Diamond
Head’s smile where
surfers trek to ply their craft

Lies the bastard slope of paradise

Rising from the rush of breakers

Vigil stood by the Coast Guard Cyclops eye

Snow White would find near perfect in their wickedness
twisted thorn trees clawing at her dress

Black silent monster bees buzz by the flowerless plants, to suck sap

A small red eyed devil-the mongoose that came long ago to catch rats
jumps from trashcan to trashcan eating man’s refuse
in residence with the other bastard slope dweller, the undomesticated cat

The grass is so dry, it would be easy to light and watch this hell burn

This bastard slope with chained trashcans and twisted trees bleeding poison

but there is a garden and there are runners and walkers, wave stalkers
and a beautiful blue-green emerald sea with pink and purple clouds
with a red lighted buoy to light the way for wayward mariners

Just out of reach of those thorn branches that draw blood and try to hold you back from falling down and breaking your bones at this dangerous cliff

This bastard slope of paradise

editors note:

Even in heaven there is garbage, picked up by saintly sanitation engineers and dumped on this bastard slope. – mh

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