A June Full of Cherries

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Piquant, yet tender, portrayals of festivities’ “field kitchens”
Forgive lapses such as young beasties, insufficiently protected points of view,
Great accidents of interest, the merged foci of welcoming, disbanding, hugging,
Also dressing in gold spandex, belly dancing, weaving baskets, noting
What’s working for whom, and why, tasting, maybe teasing,
Playing with prefixes, acting wonky, listening to exclamations,
Plus skipping along peripheral places makes for forgetting staid rubrics.

When sloughing worldly woes, celebrating significant events,
Consuming even minute amounts of funky antimeria, during alternate decades,
It’s possible to categorize material goods, let alone affective states, tayras,
Human relationships (patterned both tacit and affective), trilobites, glabrous birds,
As belonging to solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped or other vehicles’ barns
Meant to entertain visa via ornaments, food, drink, actualized space, vessels,
Likewise the compelled restoration of pumpkin crowns or thornbushes, works.

Other times, those of mind-muddle mode, find it difficult to regard
Disruptions amicably, to smile, to say nothing, or, perhaps, to interact quietly,
Guest in pediatric wards, receive mistaken attributions causality,
Get elected because of money or connections, override baser inclinations,
Ignore global societies, local neighborhoods, and familial conundrums,
Combine behavioral modifications for purposes of suck, grandeur, climate,
Additionally, post publishers’ letters on refrigerators, all while spinning in circles.

Most often, though, cats lull innocently, whereas hounds snore, worms whistle,
Chickadee ringleaders and Komodo dragon catalysts glibly forecast entire
Epics for good findings, comradely inspiration, and conceptualized work.
Burnt toast, bitter coffee, broken eggs, too, make for playful family times,
Distinct units of innocent, mentalists’ gymnastics, deadly mustelids, plus pungent
Cycles of socks, big skirts, small spices, deflected ants, termites, and do-gooders.
Alternatively, in June, bowls full of cherries get agitated. A mom can dream.

editors note:

Yes, eaten all at once, a bowl full of these may cause tummy (&head)ache. So, eat these one verse at a time; enjoy their sweet sensation of words upon words, let them roll on your tongue, bounce around in your mind. Be thankful for this dreaming mom. – mh

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