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I’m gaining weight!
Putting the pounds
Back on!

I just know it!

I can feel my face
Growing, getting
Rounder. Right
Now as I sit!

My gut is getting
Out there, too.
I can feel the fat
Building back up,

With each second.

I’m putting the
Pounds back on.
I just know it!

It must be that
Sandwich I ate
A couple of days ago.

I shouldn’t have
Been so fucking
Gluttonous! So

If I can go without
Eating for about two
Days, maybe I’ll burn
It off.

Maybe I can push
It to three.

I’m putting the pounds
Back on. I just know it!

Look at my face! It wasn’t
This round yesterday! My
Gut wasn’t this big either!

I shouldn’t have eaten
That sandwich.

I think I’m putting the
Pounds back on.

I can’t go back to
My former self!

When no one noticed me!
Didn’t know I existed!
No one fucking cared!

Then, it was, “Oh, you
Look great! Wow! Look
At you!


I don’t hear that anymore.
Now I hear voices of

They’re just jealous.

Everyone knows the
Larger you are, the
More invisible you

And, I’m not going
Back to that!

I would rather die!

I’m going to check the

I weigh the same…

Or maybe I lost the
Weight in-between
Weigh-ins, and now
I’m gaining it back.

I think I’m putting
The pounds back on.

I just know it.

editors note:

Such is the fate of the invisible man; responsible for missing sandwiches everywhere. – mh

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