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The indistinct sound of people whispering, kneading
“Proper” roles for government, media, public,
Without benefit of actual cartography, even
Eye black, bees wax, paraffin, or carbon.

Once and again words fuel inflammatory powers,
Assuage social prescriptions, descriptions, theories of “the obligatory.”
Rather than allow bourgeois meanings to trickle down,
To assign or select, maybe censor, mental sheaves.

Slaves to gist, we shovel our population’s fancies,
Cultural traducements, malicious stratifications,
Savoring such chalaques as negates, malevolently,
Any inducements to better wisdoms.

Thereafter, we balk at limits never approached, accepted, acknowledged,
Right ourselves for imaginary moral battles, trump pretend foes,
Cease to be human, desiring, instead, that imperfection directs
Votes, bequeaths leadership, broadcasts saccharine dispersions.

editors note:

Our magic media wind machine blows hard and loud. Therefore what’s said must be true, right? Louder is better!? – mh

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