Tweet Dreams

by on June 19, 2012 :: 0 comments

A revelation will
dawn on civilization like
the second coming or the
twelfth hour arrival of the prophecy
promised by various
dusty non-digital books
and this sermon will amount
to a hill of hallelujahs
and certain sects will
say “I told you so”
and others will say
“how could I know?”
and the stoners
and the stone throwers
will unite in a
holographic chant
as they are beamed up
like Spock and Kirk
to a place where
Charlton Heston
shoots flowers from a rifle
and that trifle you
worry your little head about
will be straightened out
like the sheets everyone
will wear wrapped around them
and Bacchus’s wine will flow
on a summer’s day
in the fall
of ideologies both
Western and Eastern
and everything intangible
will be all right

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