Religious Beliefs

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I’m at work fixing a game
xxxFor a lady customer,
When an older Mexican woman walks up to me and says:
xxx“Oh, hey, you the one with the
xxxxxxCurly hair?”
xxxxxxMy hair now pulled back in a bun,
xxx“Yeah that’s me”
xxxxxx“Oh, hey, how are you? Me and my daughter use to come
xxxxxxxxxHere all the time, but we no come in ah, year and a
xxxxxx“Oh yeah”
xxx“Yeah, ah my daughter have the hair just like you”
xxxxxx“Oh your daughter has curly hair”
xxx“Oh yeah that’s why we remember you, but
xxxxxxOkay, I let you get back, it was nice to see you,
xxxxxxxxxGod bless you”

And I look to the women I’m helping,
xxx“Do you think she knows I’m an atheist?”
xxxxxxA slight joke,
xxxxxxxxx“You don’t believe in God?”
xxxxxxxxxxxxShe asks, stunned.

Let me make this clear,
xxxA huge resounding yes,
xxxxxxFollowed by an immensely,
xxxxxxxxxContradicting no,
Reason persuades me not to believe,
xxxBut instinct tells me to keep a cross,
xxxxxxBound to me at all times,

I believe in my God,
Not your God,
xxxAnd what does that mean? My God? Whose is he?
xxxxxxNot a God who prefers his people
xxxxxxTo be divided in to different religions,
xxxxxxLike Christians, Mormons, Muslims, or gymnasts,
xxxxxxWho hate each other’s guts,
xxxxxxTo the point of rising wars,

My God is a God,
Who lives in the air,
And breathes through the trees,
Who swims in the oceans,
And sleeps in the cities,
Who blows through the fields,
And dreams the color of lilies,
My God is a natural God,
xxxxxxNot a God built like a man,
xxxxxxWho picks sides during Wars,
xxxxxxAnd allow thousands to kill in his name,

My God is a vegetarian,
Who drives a Hybrid car,

My God is the Bones in the Earth,
The coral of the sea,
And the minerals of the soil,

My God is a living God,
Who can be found all around us,
Except for the stone and glass façade,
Of the structures labeled ‘his house’

My God is a God,
xxxxxxYour God strives to be,
My God hates this Poem,
xxxxxxAnd all the songs sung about him,
xxxxxxxxxHe doesn’t enjoy the fame,
All he asks for is a little peace,
And cooperation during these delicate moments.

editors note:

I think I’ll convert to gymnastism and grow out my hair. Believe it! – mh

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