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The shining light that comprises God’s being
strode through the prism of a rain drop
dangling from a white lilly bloom
and broke God into all God’s components
whether they be in the visible bands of colors
or the invisible bands of ultraviolet
and infrared.

All of a sudden there were many Gods:
a God of nose hairs
a God of hangnails
a God of pre-cancerous cells
a God of blue bottle flies
a God of dangling modifiers
a God of dandelion parachutes
a God of calcium deposits on toilet rims
a God of coughed up fur balls
a God of tiny, purple alpine flowers
a God of bird shit that splats
on freshly washed car windows
and so on into all the multitude of things
that comprise the one true God.

And in that instant God’s image
appeared in many places around the world:
on pieces of toast
on bars of soap
on rivets holding airplane wings together
on the tips of horse hair paint brushes
on iron filings manipulated by magnets
on page twelve of a Batman comic
on the lever that puts the charge in the electric chair
on the joy sticks of video games
on the cum laden stains of cheap hotel room sheets
and so on to all the multitude of places
an image of God could appear.

And with another step the shining light
that comprises the one true God’s being
moved past the dangling rain drop
and the multitude of God’s manifestations
reformed into the one, all-being being
that holy books have tried to quantify and qualify
that artists and musicians have attempted
to instill into their art and music
that children play with
when they speak to their imaginary friends.

editors note:

Don’t need 3D glasses to see our imaginary Friend. Good thing, since neither the theaters nor the distributors want to pay for them anymore. Step outside and look around; our Friend is everywhere. – mh

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