I Was Lost Myself

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You don’t know my beloved,
Many years before I was a flash,
Both of my legs were impaired,
I was gone in search of medication,
I was treated,
But concurrently the sanatorium was blasted,
I gained my substantial steps but I lost my arms then,
I used to write about the rights of the human beings,
But I became powerless to hold the pen of integrity,
Thanks to my cherished, I still had my appendage,
You know, where I didn’t visit,
I remember‘d the preacher of peace,
I’d gone to my lord,
But a felon was found as HIM,
He again broke my legs,
I’d been halted,
But the breeze blew me up to ACME,
The snow also didn’t like me there,
The avalanches had thrown me down,
I was flowing down and down,
I found oceanic substructure,
But I didn’t know myself there,
A Tsunami perhaps pushed me up,
It threw me to its reservoir on the sand,
I was lying there as a log,
I didn’t know when I got APHASIA,
My dear, I lost my brain perhaps,
I didn’t know how long I hid at that stage.
I was appallingly damaged,
My lungs and heart didn’t be neighbors to each other,
Perhaps my palms were carrying them on each,
If I remembered, a cardiologist would treat me.
I was perhaps in pathology,
I heard the hurricane, playing my guitar,
The music of PEACE,
The effect of music,
Slowly enriched my existence again,
I started to feel better and better,
I opened my eyes,
Oh, great, PEACE returned at my heart,
My limbs are now repaired,
My arms are now fit and fine,

My sagacity returns to me,
Thank God, APHASIA leaves ME,
Now I find you, my dear,
I’ll never miss you again!
Oh PEACE, you ever remain with me!

editors note:

A mad odyssey, a loss for words restored by song. It’s Homer in the 21st century! – mh

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