A Second Chance

by on June 10, 2012 :: 0 comments

I took in a spaniel pup
from Second Chance rescue
tossed from it’s last home
after biting a child,
now sudden blood arcs from my mouth
I merely leaned down to caress her head
she growled in fright, baring teeth,
peed on the couch again.
And dumb luck I got a dog just like me,
scared, anxiety ridden, weaned too young,
out of control yet wanting love,
fast biting the hand that feeds her,
my lower lip split wide open
like the time that moron busted
me in the mouth when I came in too late
from drinking with the girls.
Too late and tired for a drive to emergency,
vodka cleaned, frozen together
with ice and guerilla tape,
one more scar on my broken down body
everybody telling me I should put her down
she’s a danger to society
but knowing my heart is stupid
and I will give her
one more chance
to be good,
dropping to bed in vicodin sleep,
Honey positioned at the foot.

editors note:

More identification with our transgressors, more second chances for all. – mh

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