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To an Englishman
America is Hollywood,
All The President’s Men.
Congress, Senate, well, yes,
I get those too in a remote sort of way.
Military adventures – the Pentagon:
A killing machine or the world’s policeman?
That Special Relationship between
Britain and the US of A – what is that,
A handshake? A nod? Or merely tolerance?
Then I listen to ordinary people,
You know the type; they’re always there,
Unlike All The President’s Men,
Changing their faces
Like I change my shirt.
So these Americans, who’ve shown me
Humour, poetry, music, joy, sadness, generosity,
From over the pond, that distant land
Where they like to live in peace,
Because they’re born that way.
Every day of their lives fighting
To keep their families together,
Just like me. Not so far away after all,
That distant shore, not so different, this other side,
That opened up for me,
Another America.

editors note:

This could easily describe Another _______ <fill in here w/ the country of your choice>. There are governments and media messaging and then there are people trying to survive. – mh

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