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A dark container and a human garbage bin, I breathe foul air,
inhale toxic dreamscapes, and listen to sin, the eerie
darkness of
my patients.

Many are crippled by fear, victims of trauma they witnessed,
or discovered, or experienced, life-threatening
happenings of the past; or perhaps,
they continue to be

It’s the unholy stuff of film noir and in the boroughs of New
York City, the quotidian terrorism of the ghetto.
So what can victims do?

They come to me, the Brooklyn shrink, and slowly, shed
their nightmares. They can’t bear their dirty
secrets of rape, incest, and suicide.

They furiously exhale their psychological and physiological
poisons and breathe seething toxins of
murder and domestic violence
into my psyche and

and leave a gaping hole in my quintessence. When I inhale
their horrific tales, I feel sick, desperately ill.
Yet at the end of the day, I will
exorcise these poisons-
demons of my patients’
minds and bodies.

I must cleanse my being, for tomorrow, I will breathe the
darkness again; tomorrow, I will courageously
face the monstrous abyss of Hell
again and again.

I’m the Brooklyn shrink. Each day, I risk my life.
A fearless warrior and peacemaker,
I travel through many
wastelands on the
road to

Such is the way of a shrink and healer.
It is the journey I have

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