We look at you

by March 11, 2012 0 comments

I saw your craigslist ad,
I nearly cried, 39 years
old and no one left to watch TV,
looking for someone 30-40
to hang out with at their home,
or someone else’s home, a home
you don’t know, haven’t known,
they’ve lived all their lives without you,
you starting over at 40, on the internet
looking like this, typing this and leaving
it for us to find, and we look at you
unable to understand what makes
someone do this, on white screens
with black type, and it’s like
every lie we tell ourselves about
life before bed were washed away,
leaving nothing but the truth we pretend
isn’t there

editors note:

The high definition view reveals every pore and follicle, every little blemish magnified, oddly entertaining; so long as our view is of a someone else. – mh clay

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