If Birds were to be Believed

by February 27, 2012 0 comments

If birds were to be believed,
Home birthing would make more sense than
Most modern measures of cutting or drugging.

If we listened to cattle’s low,
Funding would spill easier than
Pay per SEO words or term papers.

If grasshoppers were heeded,
Planted truths would multiply faster than
Convergent media cottoning, including their picking among principles.

If we dared to reinforce personal event verities,
Taking responsibility would become simpler than
Combing hair with fingers or brushing teeth without paste.

Hitherto, birdsong, reliable agronomics, media ethics, interpersonal niceties
Remain rarer than instances of assorted rhetorical styles of dead, Greek orators.
After all, commerce’s kudzu reaches no friendly tentacles or praise toward common folk.

editors note:

No kudzu would sate the common appetite, nor graecus oratorius speak an apology. Foreign is foreign and such a shame when all are common after all. – mh

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