sir baden powell patrol award winners, 2003-04

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i took off running
with your hand in my pocket

to get a head start

on kissing the revolution
back to life,

because if we give those
meddling kids a chance,

they’ll steal the fun
right from our drinks

and laugh all the way home
with nothing to lose,

to open all the windows
for fear of suffocation,

or waking up
in a room
that smells like sleep;

i took a chance on you
the moment i held my breath

“because luck,

and love

are just walking around
with your eyes closed;”

believe me:

if i could see the moon
from my bedroom window

i would have started shooting
months ago.

editors note:

editor’s note: Blind are both, luck and love. But, blind or not, good scouts keep their guns cleaned and ready. “Always be prepared!” – mh

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