Pale Girl

by on January 5, 2012 :: 0 comments

The phantom, the naïve flirting
her infant of a thousand parents
she had a “bad heart”
always for him

up on the hill, Dr. The Great
Bear is happier but really envied
because we strip tease and
weep upon a big rainbow
for my Triassic funny bone,
the little orphaned thread to my heart.

Angel veins are like jelly
fish twisted in my fingernails
I stand in your momentary
swoon skin and bone,
I do it gold baby.
Herr and burn-
Let’s stay for the air.

editors note:

He musta been some nattily dressed professorial so-and-so. He can herringbone choke on his own self-adoration, cuz we won’t. – mh

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