Modern Walls

by December 31, 2011 0 comments

Out in the dark
I dig, dig, and dig myself;
Stalking meagre alphabets
Revolving around them like a brainless planet
I’m a stalker
Lover of several words
A, B and C
P, T and Q
I lose sense of them
Maya says Love is Hate
Prakash says Hate is Lust

The white skin of the coughing sky
Drags on the slippery tongue
Slips, sleeps,
Suave macho!

And I laugh, laugh
Breaking all my teeth one by one
Massaging the cow’s tail
I am her unborn calf,
I am her invisible universe.
Tomorrow’s sun will evaporate me.
I will tan my heart.

editors note:

Our gasps and grunts amount to little if not perceived as the emanations of our untanned hearts. Throw out the sun block; lick the sky; put on your shades… – mh

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