Gods and Demons

by December 11, 2011 0 comments

Dionysus, god of wine,
old and comfortable friend.
I dream of Aphrodite,
goddess of love, beauty, desire,
all my dreams, all my hopes,
In the pantheon of demons,
the emptiness at the heart
of human existence is
Zeus, king of gods, ruler of Olympus.
Next comes boredom, Ares,
god of war, violence, and
the self-destructive turmoil in
so many of our souls.
On a mission to find antidote,
Zeus too exalted,
too distant to hear my appeal.
My quest is for relief,
real, lasting, meaningful.
that eliminates all my favorites,
beer, Scotch, wine,
casual sex,
movies, Internet.
Many souls, many solutions.
Mine, I begin to see,
is here, right now,
on this page, Aphrodite’s approval

editors note:

Trash your idols, deify your vices – absolve yourself with a few verses. Just a few words… peace will come – mh

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