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was my problem
– lack of it
and need for it –
according to my Pop
psychologist who paid the bills
with child-like scribblings on checks from crazies
worse than ME
but submissive enough
to believe her daily diatribes.

“So, you think you’re cured?”

“No, but I believe you’re insane.”

The White Jacketed One,
glasses steamed-up with rage,
pounded my chest
before punching me
in the crotch. After my ass-kicking
she waved, “Goodbye,”
through the tiny door window.

I would have given her my best
one-finger salute
but with my arms tied
criss-crossed in front of me
all I could do
was stick out my tongue
and drool…

editors note:

Lost yours, restrained by theirs? Be Houdini! And, wipe your chin. – mh

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