Thieves In High Places

by on November 9, 2011 :: 0 comments

The hand in your right pocket
and the hand in your left
are both responsible
for stealing your future
and robbing you of your past.

These outlaws seldom ride together.
Both have bounties on their heads.
When things get hot they disappear
into sand and sagebrush.

It’s been said one’s in Mexico;
the other hiding out in Greece.
If they ever get brought to justice,
notify me, please.

I’d like to see the trial.
I’d like to hear the pleas.
I’d like to hear the judgment
and the sentence for these creeps.

Then I’ll slip back to my shack
where a better house once stood,
and I’ll eat a can of cat food
and drink to the gone neighborhood.

editors note:

Anyday, in any future, the thieving country could be yours. Let’s drink to the gone neighborhood while we can. – mh

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