The Solitary Reaper

by on November 12, 2011 :: 0 comments

Sun is naked today. Shameless.
Last century I drew a line between us
A line that kept us apart: our breath never saw each other’s shadow,
Years went by without touching each other,
I never knew I was her lover.

The neighbours spent the last century laughing
They couldn’t weep as it was forbidden to
I was told the same: to laugh, laugh
Laugh like the shiny marbles in the naked Sky

Before I spread the butter on the bread
Toasted the pieces, opened the cursed refrigerator
Placed the pitiful plate on the tarnished table
I raised two dampened eyes and pinned it on the wrecked window
I was digging my heart to find out who my lover was
I dug for twenty years or maybe twenty-five
I must have dug since the day I was in my innocent mother’s womb
And still am I digging, digging to find out who my true love is
After gobbling the bread, keeping the butter inside the frowning freezer,
Cleaning the cluttered plate, and keeping everything away,
I dug, dug my heart and found my only lover:
It was silence and in silence did I spend my last century waiting for you.
In this century I curse you every now and then.

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