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I will fight wars beside you
Dig in and perfect myself
So I can stand strong with you
As you slay your haunting hunters
I will wait for you to be brave
I’ll set the example for you
Show you how to conquer your monsters
All those past bodies to which you are clinging
Ghosts of guilt, do not matter; they are illusions-
I am strong enough for both of us
Have faith in my will
My pure heart
I have seen the broken book of stones
See a goddess in me
Believe in my power
Tomorrow I will make your sun rise
With out fear or judgment
I give myself freely to your heart, dreams, and desires.
I will believe and hold you to becoming real
Whenever you go, look to me as true as North
I will manifest love from the creator for you
I will be your little sun goddess
When you are a dark star crying
Into the nothingness of collapse
When all that remains
Is the crave of empty skin
Night I sing to your moon
Ache to your howl
Even if you don’t want to be saved
Even if you are not ready
I will be silent for your weeping
A warrior lion’s heart
Worth beating for
Worth the beatings
We receive.

editors note:

When your goddess offers her strength, it’s time to line up your monsters like shooting-gallery ducks and let fly with her dead-eye mojo. Yup, set’em up, knock’em down… epic. – mh

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