Mud Bucket

by October 20, 2011 0 comments

It’s the weirdest thing I guess I do
and telling you, means we are special friends
I am a full grown man that makes mud pies
no, not with my grandkids or their friends
no, not to lure kids to a nightmare
I simply am a full grown man that likes to make mud pies in his backyard
like a man that likes to dress in his wife’s clothes while she is at work
I go into the backyard, get some dirt in this old mud bucket
I get the hose and I make mud pies
I put stuff to represent toppings on them
I have it down to an art form

editors note:

Hmmmm, we wonder, what backyard flotsam would suffice for toppings; fudge chunk, cherry swirl or pistachio nut? – mh

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