fuck it list

by October 23, 2011 0 comments

bucket lists are bullshit
what a waste of time
living for dreams
you didn’t believe in
chasing crippled notions and
following losers to the gray zone
of equality

in the waning moments
awareness sets in and now
you’re ready?
for what,

a certain sunset
to share with yourself

a thirty minute meal
overpriced and consumed, reduced
to a golden crap

puking in some unpronounceable ocean
because you saw a movie and…..

how about a kick in your ass
for not
doing more when you were…alive

when the grind was eating your soul
so the kids could be
happy or
the endless evenings spent smiling
at the table set just so, like a Williams-Sonoma ad
the one your ex-wife swore the Wilson’s did not have,

just because Mr. Handcock drove a Jag
you bought the Bentley
showing neighbors how important
you think…you are

the dust on your heels confirms,
dreamers die slower deaths
I say, let’s speed up the process
I’m working on my list
my, fuck it list

going nowhere and melting
into myself, at peace with me
even as the red ants of fate dine on my bones,
constant comfort is near

fuck it allows me to breathe
to rejoice in loss
as heroic waves wash my tears away

fuck it to the controlled chaos
the purposeful ignorance that shelters so many

their dark caverns, where books rust
and imagery comes in bills and reruns

fuck it serves me freedom
to soar above the hatred of evening newscasts
the murderous rage so far from my door

one click turns me off, the next
takes me mountaintop high

I vote Fuck It for President
Fuck It for the New World Leader

my new favorite team,
The Fighting Fuck It’s
never a concern for victory
as all are winners

so kick your bucket list
to the curb
and step up to say


you’ll be glad you did

editors note:

Hell, Yeah! Sign me up! – mh

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