Skyla’s Dreamcake

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“I want to swim with a mermaid.” ~ Skyla 5 yrs.

Because I’m 5, I can’t decide what kind of cake I want.

So I had a dream.

And I, I dreamed my pillow—was a dreamcake.

Baked by baker fairies, named Wiff, Pritz and Larry.

I got icing in my ear, and a candle stuck in the other.

It’s made my bed a sticky mess, I’ll not tell mother.

I managed to blow out a single candle that had stayed lit on my nightstand, as the cake slid out of bed.

I thought of the ocean and cleaning the icing off my hair and head.

And my dreamcake, for dear dream birthday wish, presented me with pretty girl on the coral rock, tail and hair that went swish, swish.

“Skyla”, she said in tempting mermaid voice, “would you like to swim with me?”

And into the ocean, knocking off clumps of icing they went.

But the water woke her up, and to her surprise, only a faint smell of ocean lingered. And a wee bit of icing on one finger.

A single fish scale, lay shining like a rainbow on the spread.

Happy Birthday.

editors note:

Sweet! Mermaids, cake, dreamscape – a happy birthday indeed. I’m still smiling. – mh

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