Pulsing Juxtaposed Kin

by June 7, 2011 0 comments

In memoriam of all
the incest wrapped up
in Racer X, I am
going to sit next to
the underside of your legs

There’s no blood and
no nitrous growl rubber
burning salvation- but
not all fluids have been
isolated between us; and
you’ve always been the safest

Speed don’t get up
You’re the closest and if you
do I’ll take to a cold
run- to risk letting
out some identity

I love you enough
to ask if that’s
a monkey in your trunk-
and in two many ways
At once racing and
trying to qualify

Why won’t you ever take shortcuts?
I’m following you around
for a reason- I’ve been on
every side of you, like my
trademark letter-

riled dually each time
That flag drops:
Like Brother let’s go Lover
combine pennants
and become cosponsored
racers- Team Incestuous

editors note:

Why not? Let’s make kissing cousins a team sport! – mh

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