Magic Beneath My Pillow

by June 26, 2011 0 comments

Lost in a dark dreamscape
amidst an evil storm
doors slamming shut
Wailing and tearful laments
Dad and Mom raging at each other.

I reached beneath my pillow
and clutched a small
marble elephant.

My Guardian Spirit, My Elephant
Totem warrior rose up within my dream
and moved to protect me from my foes.
Up on her hind quarters
swinging tusks high in the air
Stomping and shaking the earth
bellowing out a loud continuous voice.

Calling forth kindred spirits
from the four corners
heaven’s foot soldiers.

Seven tall spirits of royalty
Dressed all in purple
mounted the hilltop
Calling down a storm
on all my enemies
Pounding a sonic wave
that crushed their ear drums.

Then my elephant warrior
my soul’s true protector
Stood tall against all my errant
thoughts and discordant emotions
and claimed victory as I watched
Evil coil back into its shadows
yielding to the advancing
Armies of God’s Angels.

Then a restful sleep
finally came to me
As I listened to
distant Tibetan monks
chanting and singing
along with
their triumphant
bells and horns
Love’s healing stream

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