Keeping Imaginary Hedgehogs Trim via Liberal Politics

by on June 18, 2011 :: 0 comments

It’s possible to keep imaginary hedgehogs trim by making them do push-ups,
By flailing those who fail to work out the matchmaking machinations
xxxof “twaddle” and “xylophone,”
Moreover, by running them past families of dust bunnies,
xxxwho otherwise contently breed beneath sofas,
Through wooded profundities, alongside of business entities,
xxxin the middle of calculus homework,
Together with odd representations of life, including umbrae, penumbrae, and antumbrae.

Likewise, today’s technology affords the rescue of frightened chimeras;
Amidst personal bumbling, we can extract myths instead of cottoning our frustrating
Inability to convey the morals of night classes, of barstool warmth, of park benches.
Horned critters, their eggs excepted, future husbands,
xxxalso dogs, remain redeemable via grim mentations,
Like: baseball stats, worldwide electronics, budgie cages,
xxxghostwriting, plus psychology primers.

Gelatinous monsters, of course, will be rescued,
xxxsaved among types of heinous outworlders,
Since their palpable lessons bring to the fore notions that
xxxmonstrosities composed of feral beasts, too,
Will be saved when belly dancing, home birthing,
xxxtincturing herbal medicine, or eschewing our race,
Nullifies Earthly wrong-doing, to the tune of our near genocide;
xxxsuch insights warrant reward.
Despite their colony’s limited habitable land, heroes can’t have too many hatchlings.

What’s more, academic fortes, keen on criticizing ancient rhetorical theories,
Promise to legitimize hedgerows and two-timing algae,
xxxto provide footnotes at the speed of sound,
To concern themselves with the mortal danger
xxxcurrently associated with reptilian modes of neglect.
Middle-aged women, mothers, spouses, too,
xxxwill have to foreswear to fair play with aficionados
Insistent upon exit interviews, upon shedding boring writing, upon basket weaving.

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