The Mad Lover’s Song

by on May 7, 2011 :: 0 comments

I’m no ordinary drunkard:
I get drunk without drinking.

Your love is like
A Chinese toy—
graceful, harmless

I bought it without buying
You said it was for free
I was startled yet excited

I took the toy to my home
And locked it in the heart’s closet

I woke up this morn
And found myself dysfunctional.

A lovelorn Lilliput
Sketched his indifferent lover

He amputated her soul
And planted in the soil

It grew in splendor—
his blood poisoned its flavor

I had checked the label of
The toy that you gave me

That plant was its fragrance

This evening
A fire burns within me
I deny to be a hedonist

This toy in my heart’s closet
Is no ordinary:
It makes me to love without loving

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