maggot brain

by on May 14, 2011 :: 0 comments

is deep inside me,
there’s no stopping the crawling skanks from chewing the very fibers
of my synaptic canals—syn sin – aptic—canals, even slow acoustic
guitar builds. the distortion is on
now it’s like thunder
it’s not the notes
it’s the texture
it’s thunder
deep in my bowels
the maggots are squirming
up north where I’m hemorrhaging
it won’t stop. it can’t stop.
I thought he told you that they won’t stop
it don’t stop no it don’t stop
now the acoustics are
brain pull up
the chair is comfortable
echoing throughout my reverb
from ear to ear there’s no stopping textbooks
there it is ear to ear and on and on
reverb and delay
the crowd is there
the maggots are slipping out of my brain
now the thunder is back
the ears are like a door canal
synapses, ears, down my neck
to my back the hair stands up
I crawl. there’s something else, a
keyboard charged relax relax

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