Those Eyes

by April 9, 2011 0 comments

those eyes
thunderstorm grey diamonds pacing
in search of a lost cause
never telling what happened or how
they became so empty

unspoken nightmares stewing inside
from a childhood stolen or
the bloodied remants on a kitchen floor
placing a soul in rejected custody
as merciless suits contort and study
the results of their experiments

so the pale sinister halls fill
with predictable customers
protecting their secrets, scared
of the next injection of missing knowledge

if anyone ever knew
the knowing of those eyes
hiding a seething hatred
behind caged mannerisms
and that internal awareness
that only exists in flourescent corridors

I have stared one second too long
and seen the obscene looks, masked
in tight lipped convivialities, one second
short of outburst, where we can agree
to ignore each other

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