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by on April 9, 2011 :: 0 comments

I never cared for Dr. Huxtable
it was the sweaters, I think
and the forced nature of acceptance
not that Archie was a role model
but when Sammy kissed him,
I didn’t feel the hammer drop
there was no wall being shattered there
more of a whimpering proposal
suggesting bad was bad
and this was good, and why
was Eddie Haskel so cool
not like Fonzie cool, but
that’s so wrong, it’s right cool,
so I turned and found
two gals and a guy mocking us
deflowering the gay, insulting the hip
and assuming they were us, successfully
exposing sexism, when drugs and rock n’ roll
had no use for that because Mr. Kotter
was coming and we needed a youthful injection
of more nobodies to adhere to, yet there I was
thinking James Dean was cool
until he took a wrong turn and maybe I should
die young, but my corpse was already a mess
from Larry slapping me and all I ever wanted
was for Ward to come back and announce one more time
Lucy, I’m home

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