Centuries Lost

by April 1, 2011 0 comments

Pull me into the warmth of your arms where
I will be sequestered from life’s frantic realities.
Soothe my soul with your breath upon my
open lips, tuck me within for but a moment,
protected from the sun’s ever-consuming rays.

I am tired of free falling.

Hold me gently against your chest,
just let me lay and wearily rest
on the sand, the ever shifting sand.

Let me absorb the misplaced energy of
centuries spent as I inhale the vibration of you,
as spans of life times mingle and twist and
twine into and out of clandestine eras that
entangle in quantum’s junction.

The knowledge that this…
is where I am to be,
as only a soul travelling aimlessly would perceive.

I have paid but one colossal fee ~
of centuries mislaid of you without me.

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