Bruised Psalms 13 1/3 Wide

by April 19, 2011 0 comments

Last Wednesday in front
of the Gap this girl in
a denim mini skirt comes
to me, slaps her hip and says,

Water, you know, was Jesus’
favorite medium, though he
had a thing for rotting skin also.

I think she wants me to lay
hands on her; so I raise my left.

Later last Wednesday, just
outside of the Gap, this Security
Guard in a tailored uniform comes
to me, tickles her chin and says,

Do you always enjoy strangers?

And as I help her again
fasten the plastic around
my wrists, I squint.

I’ve never met a stranger,
only the same lunatic
provoking me in a new
face every day.

editors note:

Can’t help our insanity; we expect a different result from the same action when it’s a different face. – mh

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