Anything Could Drop Out of the Sky

by April 30, 2011 0 comments

Anything could drop out of the sky.
And it did…
And though this particular anything
is quintillions of sub-atomic particles
sneaking through ozone holes and such
bombarding the planet’s surface
they only manage to nudge brain neurons a bit
and slightly alter outcomes of thinkers’ conclusions,
but, beknownst only to the few
who are astronomically present in that moment,
the future glows brighter
up ahead, around the corner,
of the next run-on sentence
spoken over the vacuum
that is abhorred for reasons
not clearly stated in the torn yellow pages
the strong man rips in two
during a muscular demonstration
near the sun worshipping beach girls
who wear the tiniest nano-bikinis,
while I sleep in the shade
of a partly cloudy Magritte umbrella
and a rampant dandelion seed
blown all the way from an Illinois prairie
lands upon my back and tickles me awake.

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