An Untitled Poem

by on April 15, 2011 :: 0 comments

The Righteous,
like a twitter or tweet gone viral,
attacking the world,
a call to arms,
The Chosen,
like Israel into Canaan,
justified by God,
the inhabitants must die,
The Elite,
Manifest Destiny,
flood the plains with ignorant immigrant Europeans,
the bible read for justification,
a New Canaan,
remade with death and destruction,
The Patriots,
a cry through the decades,
the Communists from Cuba,
the terrorists from Tehran,
The Predestined,
code for control,
code for righteousness,
Moving people out,
a skill we Americans possess,
our heritage, our justification,
our right,
Moving people out,
it is what we do.

editors note:

Damn right, righteousness is for winners! Losers will only dilute the elite gene pool. I agree, brother, I agree – move’em the hell out. (Truth is, I’m not so sure about you, either;) – mh

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