A pair of his pensive eyes

by on April 5, 2011 :: 0 comments

Plunged into an azure depth
Wishing to know some how
Flight enigmatic searching life after life
Where you can not reach to strife
Wind he is of desert blows the sand
Moved the world with an errand.

His only devotion may freeze your life
Inspiration to the eloquence oh! poet
Taken away to the never land
Thousands entreat they fail to persuade I am awake
Many a reclusion dream to dream
Staring to the house of a woodpecker
End of a reverie into a question ask
Who will understand his eyes?

Stretching from horizon to horizon
Into a thought of strange journey
Leading me into a lost solitude
And formation of a visual answer
Comes into existing words
Where my effort in contradiction
Finds a feather of a poet
And familiar pain of an artist.

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