The 20th

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and so once again the 20th of the month is here.
the days all crowd in
then fall away
time moves swiftly each day, each hour, each minute brings me to my death
and to you.

Some times I long so,
not for the past so much though that is part of it;

I long for what can never be.

I cannot go back, the past is gone now
lost in time.
So then what of the future?

We come from darkness so we must return to it:
there is only the present;
this solitary moment that hangs between a long lost past
and a yet to be future.

Just one single moment is all that is left now.

The days still fall withered and worn;
each morning
I wake to greet your face
you remind me the moment must be lived, grasped firmly now;
for though I may hanker for another time
it will not wait for me in its dash to be gone.

Though in so many ways you are still with me
in a moment of knowing: the scent of flowers, a cool breeze, a song;
that tender flow of feeling calm and strong.

This temple of words I erect in your honor;
for you have given me the words
to heal my sorrowed heart

when the night was darkest and all hope seemed to be lost
you were there with me, guiding me.

Without your love
I would be lost to this world:
a part of me died and was buried with you
a part of you still lives with me
you are my center, the still point of my life.

In the quiet of autumn time in the evening
as the sun is fading behind the horizon
I think of you;
heart to heart, my love goes with you,
your love stays here with me

a mirror that magnifies
this is all that really matters now
there is nothing else left now.

The spider Goddess weaves her web
and so our hearts become entangled
in that place of stillness and calm.

Each tear drop may fall, each beat of the heart may thump
but in the silence between the stars,
the silence between the thump of each heart beat or the fall of one tear drop,
in that silence there I find you.

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