Ode to Footsteps

by on March 17, 2011 :: 0 comments

Of day’s slumber the thud of discordant footsteps
Scream like your cold embrace I loathed always
The shadow of night tearing apart the unguarded heart
The scattered yellowish leaves finally smirk for not being lonely
The cold winds twitch the bones of love
Jeering louder than sounds from brokenhearted homes

Take a knife and cut the nerves of entanglement
Nerves of this bonded love
A tree in ripening winter with naked branches
Cut it and blood rushes out without a scream

We wear our masks and pretend to love each other
While we are busy cutting our branches
Bleeding without screams

In the distance I hear the footsteps moaning, choking
Longing for love that didn’t grow
Wasn’t it you that cut the branches of love?

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