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he injected her
one time too many, the heroin
was the least of her worries now

an addiction pales in comparison
to infant hunger

post coital chatter,
was devoid of future concepts
yet the wailing needs called out
from the other room
a discarded aversion

I trusted myself to behave
according to guidelines
provided they did as well
ironically, they didn’t
opening the door to chaos

his jaw was weaker than expected
her stamina required only words
and the heap of flesh he now held at length
was never going to be replaced
nor was her loss

and now
I stare at the puffing cheeks of tomorrow
his breath, effortless
as should be
a mild bulge in his stomach
told me I was right

I read about Fatherless children
in words written and rung
from a man who swore allegiance
to a child who needed nothing
other than the Love
of a Fatherless man, who cared enough
to kill
when death was calling his name

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