Your Face is the Shadow

by on January 25, 2011 :: 0 comments

Your face is the shadow
That blends with mine
I would give up all I have
To get rid of it
Your face is the shadow

Your face the tracks
That balance the screaming trains
Uttering icy words: freezing the sinews
Of love. Heartbeats shudder like a dying
Fish, the fresh air killing it passionately
Your face these monstrous trains

Your face this thorny air
Dissecting the faces of brute
Spraying acid on their nerves
Now acidic men walk on the streets
I smell nothing but acidic men.

Your face is made up of stars
Uncountable, distant
Now I slumber like these acidic men
Shadows cast over the sky
Crying for futile attention and vain love.

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