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in the old digs you hear yourself speaking in the yesterdays and by one
o’clock am you are ready for fried crullers so you go out in the street
but by having said everything you had always meant you have to stand
at the end of the line and you can’t get the jellyfilleds cause they’re all
out so with better intentions you go to the cheesesteak place next store
and a lot of years go by before it’s your turn again so they spray cheese
right into the bun but who is your friend today was not your tomorrow
and those who were afraid had to come back a second time and even if
you yourself inhaled the smoke you are owned by nothing nothing that
was offered so when the detective puts the ransom letter in your hand
and runs away as fast as he can leaving you with remnants of your old
appetite and you’ve no way to pay and are unable to simply walk away

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