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they say we don’t need G-d,
for Darwin’s theory of
evolution explains the
whole enigmatic

but I say you can mix chance
in a cauldron of creation with
the wondrous permutations of
beautiful possibilities and
random recipes of mysticism
and metaphysics and magic
give it billions or trillions of
opportunities to create the
human body and human
mind and consciousness and
awareness of mortality and
all the creatures of this
universe and time/space and
all the eloquent principles of
math and science and all the
great masterpieces of art and
literature and I say it just
won’t happen.

the whole enigmatic process of
life is beyond human
comprehension; evolution cannot
explain it, survival of the fittest
is unfit-it can’t decipher the
mysteries of the mind and universe;
existence and being can’t be
understood; I say there’s got to be
a supernatural design, a preternatural
consciousness-intelligence that shapes
chance into purpose; a sacred evolution

that guides all beings and points us
toward beauty and love, creativity
and transcendence; a sacred
evolution that is the matrix of a
meaningful coincidence-Jungian
synchronicity, and serendipity;

and although philosophers and
logicians have dismissed the
notion of G-d, I strongly doubt
that a universe of chaos and
chance mixed with evolution
sufficiently explains our
reality; I believe we’re
part of a mysterious
design that moves
us closer to our
mission on earth;
and within the
microcosm of
atoms and
electrons and
molecules and
cells and
within all
beings and
a secret
and I
to call

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