Liberated Soul

by November 29, 2010 0 comments

I burn inflammably
You gaze at me silently
I whimper aloud
You pretend unheard
My heart beats at my mind
I snarl, hoping you put off the flame
You turn contradictorily instead.

The flame amplifies me
My shriek ambushes me
I quiver horribly
You titter at me
I think you’re my redeemer
But all in vain I find you’re an ogre
So I sprint away from you.

My bosom isn’t your turf,
Where you course the horse race
Nor my legs are your veer,
That you presuppose to maneuver,
I distinguish your masquerade
I let me burn but I don’t either surrender
I course my voyage for emancipation.

The flame enters into me
But my identity’s solidified
I swear I must be inflexible on my oath
My body burns
But my soul flees to zenith
Hooray I’m liberated!
You look like the cinders of my reminders.

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