Rise and Shine, Einstein

by October 11, 2010 0 comments

Albert awoke an hour before a lecture.
Coffee aroma escaped the percolator.
Steaming, he sipped and began to ponder,

allowing an excellent brain to spar with existence.
Up on the pot to make a morning drop, in
Austrian tongue, Albert talked ‘aloud,

genius echoed off ceramic tile and around
the brilliant polished porcelain potty bowl.

In the shower, suds’d and naked, nipping
at the known universe as a child pokes
air holes into a frog-filled jar, letting life in.

Al applied science to his foggy mirror,
he couldn’t see his pasty grey frame dripping
as pink lips mumbled against a toothbrush neck —

fact, from coerced science blew
from Bundesrepublik’s best brain.

There, his finger squeaked-out that E,
which represents the energy in body;
the C speed of M’s mass made Al squeal in dignified satisfaction.
And at the subscript, reality opened like a crypt.

Stepping back, heels plopped in soapy puddles
sleeping on the bathroom floor.

Al watched discovery drip down the mirror
in streaks like stretch marks.
Al quick-shaved his chin and combed his moustache
to look like a hairy white always-curved smirk.

Off to work; out the door into a world,
a universe a little less mysterious — only —
without a pair of pants around his white legs
to keep the neighborhood kids from pointing and laughing
at crazy old man Einstein.

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