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So who is going to step up?
No self adorning crap is needed. Just humility
and a lack of concern for results, should do.

Someone to speak and turn…..without asking. Without needing
to eat from gold leafed plates as an 86′ neuf de pap gets poured
down the sink.

Don’t tell me it can’t be. I have seen faces. On milk cartons and
billboards, in alleys and parking lots. Hell, there were 103,000
at the Volunteers season opener. Could not one of them be the one?

Given the chance, the dumpster behind
the abortion clinic may hold the one. And yet, all I see
are mouths…agape and vacuum-esque in form, asking
where’s the meter…pointing to the work of a literary ghost, with fingers covered
in gall, coyly proclaiming…. that his rhythm is off.

Where is a good beer shit now?
We have needs.

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