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In 1963, George Harrison sang: “She’s Got The Devil In Her Heart” and then “NO NO NO” and then “This I can’t believe.”

It was a terrible thing to say because there were millions and millions of girls who loved George Harrison so much so terribly much that they cried and fainted and asked themselves, Could he be talking about me? Secretly they wanted for George Harrison to say anything at all about them so they could faint and pee all over the dance floor when they fainted and their muscles relaxed even if it meant that George Harrison was saying that they had the devil in their hearts, no no no and that he couldn’t believe it.

It would have been so much better if he had simply said Judith or Cindy or Patty or Jill Has The Devil In Her Heart No No No so fewer girls would think that they had the devils in their heart woe woe woe and just the one guilty one would and then she would turn herself in to the authorities, or as the English would say, bobbies.

Now all those girls are really old and on respirators and never think about George Harrison. I bet one was a murderer and got away with it. A long time ago. In love with George Harrison and killing people. She probably burned the house down while innocent people were sleeping peacefully inside. What a terrible person she was. Well, what can you do? She loved George Harrison. And she really did have the devil in her heart no no etc.

I always thought George Harrison was very perceptive, and also very spiritual. I just wish that once he had taken the law into his own hand, rather than sing all the time, for the sake of everybody but that one terrible person whose name probably isn’t even Judith, or Patty or Jill–Cindy is an excellent choice of names. It was probably Cindy. Surely, with a name like Cindy, you would fall in love with fire and screaming and murder.

Yes, in a world of tragedy, George Harrison definitely had it going on!

editors note:

George did have it goin’ on! Maybe Cindy just had no goals, so she took any road that came along (imagine the road it must be to make one love “fire and screaming and murder”). But, George also said, “When you don’t know where you’re goin’, any road will take you there.” – mh clay

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