open your mouth wide

by August 20, 2010 0 comments

open your mouth wide
and let your tounge roll out the words
as lemon sours hitting linoleum
or silverware chiming on the kitchen floor
spread open box of matchsticks on the counter
open it wider still
cymbal crashes
dumptruck kaboom
squealing tires and crunching metal
open wide open wide wide open
let me see your molars glistening
and the peek of your softness
coming out in scarlet red notes of fury
shake your dreads
stand the hairs on my arms at attention
nipples erect
nether regions listening
Open your mouth
like broken hydrants on summer days
steaming on pavements like relief
slot machine payloads
flashing lights and grasping hands
shirts cupped under to catch the waves
rolling rolling on the inevitable
gold truth
split open yr lips
like broken orange peels
effervescing on my cheeks
lemon squirts in my eyes
bottle corks flying
hot foam spitting down
dry throats
without pretention
without labels
no history
no future
and I they all will follow
like black birds breaking their structured flight
boldly dipping, dotting the sky in masterful truth.

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