The Roulette Wheel

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I put my hands into a mental box
A Golden Pyramid opened between my
eye brows and winked at me with a
one quarter turn

The North American continent
opened up beneath me
So I asked for help:

“Where do I need to go?”

“What do I need to know?”

“Protect and Guide me”.

Beneath me . . .
Two dim lights switched on
Looking more like pins
stuck into a Global Map
beneath the horizon

One light was Chicago
the other was New Orleans

So I refocused my intention:

“I am looking for a lifetime
that glows brighter than these
two put together”

I then reached out with my
transparent hands and took hold
of the Earth’s mantle
and pulled her face toward me
a gentle one quarter turn

The night scape of the Europe coast line
came into view and Paris, France
glowed brightly like a harvest moon

I settled down alongside the shadows
of the Eiffel Tower and begun walking
along the cobble stones of the urban city
looking for a residence of gentry

I was about to knock at a door
When I hesitated
I found myself instead musing
wondering about who lived
in this grand old house?

“Time Lord” I asked
“what year is this?”

My answer came in the form of
a spinning roulette wheel
and a bouncing ball
that fail out and stopped
in a slot that read 19 hundred and 12
Written in Gold Letters

Then I was mentally transported
into a dark forest, I was walking along path
that led off into the woods
toward a country Chateau

On my way through the night’s shadows
A small explosion
a bolt of white light
over took me

That is when I found myself
propped up in bed
being trended to
by a madame
a mistress
whom I don’t recall
whom I am greatly
thankful to

I spent my last
few breaths alone
until the pain
and suffering
from my deep
chest wound
was no more

After a few moments
I was moved beyond this
space and time
and taken to a cloud
for rejuvenation

Another moment past
And I found myself seated
on a park bench in
a vast open garden
It was welcoming in every detail
Rolls of flowers was
cut through by a cobble stone path
Their blooms were all
open to the light

To my left
walking toward me was
My Time Lord . . .
I recognized the old man,
he was dressed in his usual
turn of the century
brown suit and coat
and was wearing an aura
glowing white hair and indigo eyes

He took hold of my hands
and placed his forehead onto mine

Then I awakened seeing
concentric rippling
waves of light
moving between us

se à la vie

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